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this looks amazing! 

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Great civilizations die from SUICIDE not murder.

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This is a video of a kid getting jumped behind a school in suburban Chicago. At 12:23 you can see one of the kids whole face. REBLOG and spread awareness so the kids who did this can get caught.

User Discretion is Advised ! if you have any information post it in the comment section below ! This is extremely disturbing to watch. Please help by spreading the word everywhere.

The Chinese man was saying, “please no more, don’t hit me anymore please”. He tried reasoning and talking it out with his tormenters. Obviously this guy didn’t do anything and was jumped. His English wasn’t good either. The original poster took the video down for obvious reasons, and in his comments he was proud of his accomplishment This needs to be told! The guy showed his face on camera, we need to catch him.

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